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The Memory Reservoir




The Memory Reservoir is a human enterprise for uploading memories, for preserving and recycling them. This is a work embracing audience participation to personally move between different modes that allow for memories to re-emerge, be written down, or dictated, and thus to be experienced anew.

You are invited to join in a journey collecting, recalling and repackaging living and lost memories – a journey affording you several viewpoints, and introducing ceremonies and defining components.

The memories that arise in you can be put away, written down, kept to yourself and/or shared with us.

Sitting by the reservoir you can answer questions or remain silent, recall things with closed eyes or simply ponder them through line and color, order a memory sitting at a bar or listen to a long-forgotten song.

For international collaborations, please contact:


Explanatory video (in English)
Promotional trailer (Hebrew with English subtitles)


Created by Ruth Hof
Co-creator: Guy Saar Russo
Music: Emmanuel Witzthum
Photos: Ann
a Todich, Shira Abulafia, Nechama Yehoshfat, Neta Aloni



Beit Avi Chai, Jerusalem, Israel / 6.6.2017

For ages 16+

grants & Awards 

Independent Creators Fund, Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport, 2021
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